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OA’s mission:

To provide a challenging learning environment that empowers all children to reach their educational and personal potential while nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

OA’s Vision:

To improve student performance in each grade level with the support system necessary for their growth and learning. Our support systems are the teachers, staff, community, peers, and family.  

OA’s Value: 

We value families participating in their child's education and academy consistency of:

  • Learning– Support learning environment and continuously motivates all students
  • Relationships– Creating meaningful relationships among students, parents, teachers, and community at large
  • Integrity– having strong moral principles with honesty and responsibility
  • Accountability– Demonstrating an accountability for student learning, ethical conduct, adherence to policies and procedures
  • Innovation– Challenging us by creating inimitable ideas and innovative solutions in technology as an integral part of learning
  • Respect– Promoting a school activity that appreciates the value of students, parents, colleagues, and cultures
  • Service-Dedicating ourselves to delivering an excellent education.