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We count on each child's behavior to help create a school environment that supports learning and ensures personal safety and wellbeing, therefore parents and student shall:  

  • Take responsibility for being late, disturbed in the classroom, finished homework assignments and develop effective study habits.
  • Take responsibly for their action and illegal activities should not be tolerated
  • Expecting to express her/his concerns or requesting assistance in a respectful manner.
  • Be active in the classroom and interact with others student in a positive way.

Parent or Guardian

  • Must make sure that the child is present on time and prepared for school daily activities.
  • Must teach their child to create a safe learning environment and follow-on school policies.
  • Must check backpacks each day or folders for assignment and school information.
  • Encourage a child to eat well and promote healthy development which is necessary for learning and be active.
  • Attending family conferences to communicate with a child’s teacher and address the issues that might be involved directly with the classroom activities.  

Tardy or absence 

  • It is OA to share responsibility and be sure that every student is safe and account for on every school activity. If a student is absent from school, it is a parent or guardian responsibility to notify the school before the start time.
  •   Students are expecting to arrive on time at school no later than the start time. If the students arrive after the start time, it will be considered late and will be marked tardy.

School’s dress code

  • A student should come to school appropriate dressed up according to school dress code policies.
  • Students will not be allowed to wear clothing that reveals underwear or clothing that reveals parts of the body
  • Clothing that promotes violent, offensive behavior, use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol will not be allowed.


  • In case of school evacuation due to safety violations and other emergencies, the school principal will inform the parents about the early dismissal and students will be transported to a designated location and then contact the parents by telephone.
  • A student will only be released to parents or other designated adults. No student will be sent directly home without permission from the parent.

Emergency contact

  • All parents or guardian must provide the school with two telephone numbers and names for emergency purposes so that the school can contact the parents or guardian appropriate at any times.


  • Discipline rules in OA have been designed to be fair for students and teachers. OA count on each student's behavior to help create a school environment that supports learning and ensures personal safety and wellbeing.
  • We value and respect each member of the OA community. As members of the Ogagna Academy community, students are expected to treat others with respect.

Student Conduct

  • A student who poses an immediate danger to others, damage property or a significant threat of disrupting the academic process of the school, shall be removed from the school and place within the school determined by the Principal and school board members.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to contribute safety and productive learning environment in the Ogagna Academy school by demonstrating respect. This includes complying with all OA’s policies and rules of conduct of the classrooms.
  • The rules of conduct will be distributed to all students at the beginning of each classroom according to the procedures stated in the school discipline plan. The Principal may ask the parents to sign a form indicating that they have reviewed the rules of conduct with their children.
  • The OA board members will develop a plan to assist a student. To do this effectively, parents are welcome to be active partners with the school. A teacher may invite parents to attend the meeting to discuss their concerns or the school may have concerns. At the meeting, they will discuss the services that might assist the student such as extended time to complete tasks, after-school homework group, a behavior plan, tutoring, and other services.

Distracting Behaviors

  • Crying, screaming, yelling, kicking, and hitting would not be allowed in the classroom and anywhere at the OA campus. Student, who cannot control her /his behavior or hurt another student, will be withdrawn from the program and may try again in the same year after a reasonable amount of time.


  • Bullying is taken very serious at Ogagna Academy and handled on an individual basis by the OA’s staff, nurses, counselors, and principals. The OA recognizes that all students shall have a safe, orderly, civil, and positive learning environment. Bullying is a form of dangerous and disrespectful behavior that will not be permitted or tolerated at OA.
  • Any OA staff who witnesses conduct that she/he reasonably believes might constitute bullying shall take reasonable action to stop the conduct and prevent its recurrence and shall immediately report it to staff.
  • Any staff who directly receives information about conduct that might constitute bullying shall immediately report it to the principal.
  • Notice to parents and students shall state that any student who knowingly makes false accusations regarding bullying may be subject to disciplinary action.

School health service

  • Student's health is important to the OA and we encourage parents to communicate with a teacher at the school about health issues that affect their child.
  • The health staff consists of a part-time nurse and on-call physician who serves as a consultant at the OA. Our health staff works toward a healthful safe environment for students to make positive decisions about the care of their bodies.
  • Any student who is taking medication during the regular school day must be reported to the school nurse and given upon written request of a student's parent or guardian.
  • Medication must be brought to school in a container labeled by the pharmacy or physician and stored in a secure, locked storage place at the school.
  • In case of illness of a child, a parent should not bring their child to the school otherwise student will be dismissed from school until further noticed by the nurse or physician.

Parental Involvement

  • The academic success of students is mainly determined by parental involvement, supportive of staff, administration, and family members.
  • The OA board members believe that any school’s staff should encourage and support parental participation and provide opportunities for helping parents to participate in child activities.
  • Parents or guardian should be informed about the significant changes in their children's educational programs.
  • Parents should be provided with information and opportunities intended to improve their abilities to work with their children at home and in school and build partnerships between home and school.
  • It is the policy of the OA that teachers and principal have a responsibility to work with parents to determine the issue lack of learning and failure of educational progress.
  • The OA is committed to providing all of its students with a safe and supportive school environment in which all members of the school community are treated.


  • Harassment is a form of unlawful discrimination that will not be tolerated. It is the policy of the OA to prohibit the unlawful harassment of students based on race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, disability, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity, to the extent required by law.

Limitation/Disclaimer of Liability

  • The OA is not liable for any violations of copyright restrictions or other laws, user mistakes or negligence, and costs incurred by users. The OA is not responsible for inappropriateness activities at the campus, or usability of any information found on the school’s electronic resources network including the Internet.
  • The OA is not responsible for any damage experienced, including, but not limited to, loss of data or interruptions of service.
  • The OA is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through or stored on the electronic resources system including the Internet, or for financial obligations arising through their unauthorized use.